Friday, May 26, 2023

I gotta get rid of all these trailers

Fucking hell, no wonder our home computer has running slow, I just found a folder hidden within multiple sub folders, absolute full of HD movie trailer from 10-15 years ago. Gigabytes of the shit. 

According to the files, I haven't even looked at these videos for 10 years, but they've been sitting there this whole time, sucking up disk space like a mofo. Unwatched and unloved.

I should do a bulk delete, and just get rid of the lot. That would be the sensible thing to do.

Like everybody else, I watch movie trailers on Youtube now, so there's no reason to store them on the home PC. I used to obsessively go through all the films on the most excellent Dave's Movie Trailer Page, and download every single trailer for films that even looked a little bit interesting (and this was still probably less than 10% of the trailers that Dave put up on his site.)

I even had an extremely nerdy system, where once I'd seen a coming attraction, I would move it into the 'seen it' file, just to keep track of what I've seen. Keeping track of everything coming out in a fractured media landscape is something you figure out for yourself..

And they just accumulated there over years, and now that I've found them again, there is a worringly large amount of films in that file that I don't remember watching at all, (but I must have, because they're in that 'seen' file).

I should just delete them all. But hell, I only need to delete some of the biggest and most worthless to keep the PC alive for a longer, if only as a reminder that I need to watch The Box again. Nobody else is ever going to remind of that.

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