Friday, November 18, 2022

Won't watch the Willis

I'm trying to watch 300 films this year and am legitimately running out of things to watch, and will take on anything - hello Notting Hill! - but even I have my limits. And I will not watch a movie with Bruce Willis in it that was made in the past couple of years. 

Willis has been open about the health issues that are making it harder and harder to do what he does best, and it's hard not to see that his dimming star power is being absolutely epxloited by some film-makers.

I'll still watch Die Hard or The Fifth Element or Twelve Monkeys anytime - I just watched the Monkeys again this week and he's fucking magnificent in that film. But in the most recent ones, you can't help but see a blankness where there used to be a spark, you can see the lack of it right there on the screen

Avoiding any Willis film made after 2018 is not such a hard thing to do, not when almost every single one of these films are micro-budgeted action nonsense that is utterly incoherant. It's not just that stupid movies, it's the stench of real and harmful exploitation.

I don't need any more Bruce, and I don't need that kind of Bruce. Willis is leaving a huge body of work behind, and there's always so much to go back for. We'll always have Nakatomi Tower.

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