Friday, August 19, 2022

Kid's stuff: Docca Who

Doctor Who has been my favourite TV show of all time, ever since I knew what things like television and science fiction and stories were, and I can't help thinking about how I'm going to introduce it to the little ones. Do we go with the crazy charms of the classic series, or start them with something nice and comfortable like Matt Smith's face?

Turns out I didn't have to do anything to get the 3-year-old started, she literally picking it up from the house around her.

She plays with a tiny Tardis that whizzes across the coffee table, loves the sounds a sonic screwdriver makes when she wriggles it about and a tiny Cyberman that was once a cake decoration is her favourite little robot.

There's another funko pop figure from my mate Kyle - Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor in all his glory. I'm so glad her first favourite action figure of her own (and not one swiped from her Dad) isn't a character with a big gun or sword or anything like that, but one who faces down evil with a packet of jelly babies in his hand.

(The two toys from Kyle have many grand adventures together as the Doctor and George the thunder goddess. The adventures involve lots of fake naps and would make a rad comic series.)

It might be a painful wait for her to get old enough - the kid still doesn't really get it when I tell her the Doctor travels in the TARDIS, and as much as she likes a good freak-out, Dr Who might still be a bit too intense for her right now. But we got plenty of time to get there, and don't need to a time machine to rush things.

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