Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bullets onscreen.

* The bit that scared me the most in 28 Days Later, even though I have no idea why, was the part in Jim's dream where he sees the sheep running away.

* I can handle criticism of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, even though I really, really liked it. But I will not tolerate any sneering at Brad Pitt. He’s the 21st century’s Peter Sellers.

* It's stupid and not cool, but I love it: The bit in 2010 when the clear message from the stars is received following the detonation.

* Another fantastic bit in a fairly mediocre movie: The part in Immortal Beloved where somebody points out that if even a complete dick like Dave Beethoven can produce something like Ode To Joy, then there is hope for us all.

* I watched those crazy cunts at the Mothras, on late night christian rock shows and on proper television. Back of the Y was the best NZ television show ever. So how come, even with the best poster in recent NZ film history, The Devil Dared Me To was just a bit, y'know, stale?

* And the last series of Back of the Y was fucking rubbish! Pooman and Wees every week? Really?

* This week I have been all about melancholic western. McCabe & Mrs Miller, The Assassination of Jesse James, Unforgiven And The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. Might have to rewatch Deadwood in some semblance of an order.

* I was really hoping Argento’s Creepers held up after 20 years, but it doesn’t.

* I am always, always looking forward to the next Shane Meadows film. He had me at the scene where Bob Hoskins takes his aunty ballroom dancing in TwentyfourSeven.

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