Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bullets in the head

* In the case of comic bloggers hurling insults at each other, Judge Judgey McJudge finds in favour of growing the fuck up.

* If I read one more magazine article about REM or Oasis that says their new album is a “return to form”, I may cry.

* There are no sacred cows in pop music, and that Love album of remixed Beatles songs was fucking fantastic.

* That said, the world will change forever on the day the last Beatle dies. Since Ringo Starr is going to live until he's 120, we're safe for the time being.

* Did you know one of the major themes of Batman Begins was dealing with fear? Because after watching it again recently, it struck me that Batman had to deal with his fear by being fearful because criminals feared stuff that was fearsome and that by using fear instead of being afraid of fear, he became free of fear. It also had the Scarecrow in it.

* I really wanted to like Our Gods Wear Spandex by Christopher Knowles, as it made connections from ancient invocations of forgotten deities to the pulptastic adventures of Aleister Crowley to modern superhero shininess. But the focus was too broad, the sweeping generalisations got a little unnerving and there were a few too many tiny inaccuracies, including two in one paragraph about Grant Morrison. Sorry, Chris. Good effort.

* Mind you, based on the artwork in the book, Joseph Michael Linsner has some outstanding Archie comic work in him once he gets sick of that softcore shit.

* I always hated The Beano. But The Dandy was even worse.

* What was the exact point where Stuart Immonen's art went from goofy and cuddly to scratchy and alive?

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