Saturday, October 28, 2023

Still disappointed by the Heck

I'm 48 goddamn years old, which means I'm now in my fifth decade of opening an old Justice League of America comic with a terrific cover and saying out loud: 'Aw no, it's another Don Heck'.

It happened to me when I was buying fairly recent issues in the mid-80s from the local dairy on King Street in Temuka, and it happened to me the other day when I got some issues from 1981from the local comic shop. There would be a fantastic Ross Andru or George Perez cover, and then it's Heck on the inside, all flat and dull.

I feel weirdly bad about it - Heck never got no respect and I actually like a lot of Heck's work, (he drew phenomenal eyebrows). But some disappointments are eternal.

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