Sunday, January 18, 2009


* Apparently, there is this guy at one of the comic companies, who does stuff, and some people think this guy is rubbish at his job, because he uses some characters in a way some people don't like, and all these people know what's right and don't understand why nobody is listening to them. Or something.

* It's okay. I'm listening to you.

* I once spent one hour in a bookstore trying to decide whether I wanted to buy a comic adaptation of The Hobbit in a trade paperback format. Then I went away. Then I came back two hours later and bought it. Then I took it back another hour later and walked off with my money. This is the only time I have ever returned a comic book to the store I bought it from.

* Every time I get the urge to look at a pro-wrestling website, I just get depressed because one of the guys I grew up watching in the late eighties has died. YET HOGAN ENDURES!

* I once accidentally told a workmate that there was a teenage girl version of Wolverine running around the Marvel universe, and that she had once been a prostitute. The look on his face made me realise I could never, ever talk about comic books with him again.

* The first wank I ever had was when I was watching Dracula: Prince of Darkness one late Friday night when I was 14. It was an accident.

* I don't know what Joe Matt and Chester Brown were on about. I don't feel better about telling the world that, at all.

* I have had a nightmare where I was stuck in a room with Brown and Matt, but Seth was entirely enjoyable company.

* One time I was watching The Wild Bunch, and when they blew up the bridge in the middle of the movie there was an almighty booming noise from outside. A car had crashed right outside my window, and given the explosion some extra grunt. It was awesome.


Mr. Rice said...

I can totally see Seth being the fun one.

Bob Temuka said...

At least he's a snappy dresser. And in my dream, he had the best singing voice.

Dirk Deppey said...

I did in fact once go to dinner with a bunch of Fantagraphics and Drawn & Quarterly guys, and Joe Matt and Seth were among them. Seth was a good conversationalist, but the great fun came from watching Seth and (after awhile) Gary Groth torment Joe Matt over how his masturbation habits were slowing down his cartooning.