Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bullets: Part Two

* There is nothing on God’s green Earth that is sexier than the way Jim Aparo draws a woman’s eyebrow.

* Everything I ever need to know in life I learnt from the ValueTales by Spencer Johnson MD

* When I’m driving around motorway spaghetti junctions, I sometimes find myself humming Star Wars music and pretending I’m in that goddamn trench.

* Was there ever an Earth-2 Aquaman?

* I still don't understand why 2000ad hasn't adapted Big Dave Bishop's Thrill Power Overload as a comic strip.

* Serge Gainsbourg really was a dirty ol' bastard, wasn't he?

* Why did DC's Paradox stop producing the Big Book Of... series? I bought every single one of those suckers, and would gladly buy more.

* The first Doctor Who New Adventures book that I ever bought was Return of the Living Dad by Kate Orman. This was a fantastic place to start.

* I always thought I was a fan of the Legion of Super Heroes. Turns out I just dig Keith Giffen.


Nik said...

It's such a mark of nerdity I hesitate to even reply, but I think there was an earth-2 Aquaman who appeared like once in an issue of All-Star Squadron....

Then I check the Google and I am correct:

Bob Temuka said...

Man, that a little depressing when they say he 'sets the record for least seen Earth-2 character version'. Poor Aquaman. He never really catches a break.

Anonymous said...

New HERO SQUARED this week people. It's finally happened.