Saturday, January 30, 2016

What is best in life? Holy Moley, there's some new Miracleman coming out!

I came to Marvelman so late, he will always be Miracleman to me. Warrior never made it to my corner of the world in the 1980s, and it took me damn near twenty years to get all the Eclipse back issues. The first one I bought brand new, off the shelf, was Miracleman #24, the second part of the Silver Age.

It was a cracking set-up for the next phase of the Age of Miracles, and then the next issue was delayed, and delayed, and delayed, and just faded away in the end.

And then Marvel somehow sorted out all the rights a few years back, and started republishing all the wonderful Moore/Gaiman issues, with the express promise that the story would be properly finished this time.

And now, after 25 goddamn years, they have finally caught up, and the new stories are coming soon.

It's weird that Marvel hasn't made more of a deal about it. After flooding the shelves with reprints of the fifties stuff that absolutely nobody demanded, and then stringing out the Moore/Gaiman issues through a series of interminable backmatter pages and outright fuck-ups, they're actually at the interesting part, the new stuff, and I only noticed it buried in the back of the Marvel section of the Previews catalogue.

I would have thought it would be more heavily promoted, because after all this time, this is the stuff people are actually waiting for, but there is a much bigger deal made about the return of the bloody Micronauts in the new solicitations. I always hated the bloody Micronauts.

I'm glad I spotted it hiding there in the solicitations, and even gladder that this long, rambling story is finally coming to an end.

I'm not expecting many surprises - a fairly detailed timeline was written for the Miracleman universe 30 years ago, and Gaiman has often mentioned where his last episodes of the saga were heading - but it's nice that this 25-year wait is just about over.


joecab said...

So which series/issue exactly should I be buying if I just want to start getting the new stories?

Anonymous said...


Marvel being Marvel, they have started it at No.1 again, look for:

joecab said...

Thanks for the clarification. (Ugh, my head!)

Bob Temuka said...

Yeah, but the first two issues of the Silver Age were published by Eclipse long ago, so the real new stuff starts in #3. I think. I can't tell any more.