Friday, March 1, 2024

A happy ending for Hex

I wasn't really down for the New 52 version of the All Star Western comic written by Palmiotti and Grey, who were far more suited to gritty westerns than superhero nonsense. The earlier Jonah Hex series from the writers and a host of incredible artists was far more satisfying with its short, sharp shocks, than the follow-up comic's time travel and Court of Owls shenanigans.

But the final issue of the run, drawn by the late great Darwyn Cooke is just sheer bloody perfection, twisting the dreadful foreknowledge that Jonah would end up a stuffed dummy in a carnival and giving the man the most unlikely of fates - an actual happy ending. Men like Jonah Hex don't get happy endings, until they suddenly do. (Something similar happens, with even more of a metaphysical twist, in the transendent final moments of the last season of Fargo.)

Turns out everything we didn't know about the destiny of  Jonah Hex could have filled a book, but one wonderful issue of a comic can be enough.

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