Saturday, June 3, 2023

Sound of Thrones: The King's final arrival

It's been a few years now and most of the talk about how Game of Thrones ended is still full of the same endless entitled whining. I stopped paying attention to it a while ago because it's just so fucking boring.

And ignoring all the nonsense just frees up more time to listen to Ramin Djawadi's astonishing soundtrack, which is still some of the most remarkable scoring I've heard. A large amount of this blog has been written while it's playing in the background - I write to the frenzied choral of the Light of the Seven; to the various permutations on the themes for the various houses; to the war drums and horns of the battle scenes; and the vicious strings of close combat.

I've been finding some very frayed metaphors for the show in its soundtrack since 2012, man, (which is still paltry compared to how long I've thought the Doctor Who theme music is a powerful metaphor for the Doctor's adventures). 

And I'm not stopping now, because I'm convinced the small change that kicks in four minutes into The Night King is a symbol for the way that there is hope in the darkness, however dim. Divorced from the context of the images it is scored to, I hear just he faintest sign that things are going to be all right. No matter how bad things get, no matter how loud the moaning gets.

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