Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Current mood: Loved and rocketed

Today I have been mostly feeling like Maggie in the latest issue of Love and Rockets, weighing up all the options before deciding to do the most Maggie thing of all, and not being a dick about anything. After the catastrophic first meeting between Tonta and Maggie in Jaime Hernandez's masterpiece of a comic, which left both of them a bit shattered, the second could have gone either way. But because Maggie makes the world better by just being a decent and honest person, they bond on the beach, with Tonta's youthful and flailing everything finding sympathy with Maggie's resigned wisdom. Tonta finally has a role model worth following, and there is no need to talk about apologies or anything, not when Maggie has lessons to share. Get that ankle looked at, Tonta.

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