Monday, December 21, 2009

I wanted that

I wish I was joking, but sometimes I lie awake at night wondering why I didn't buy certain comics years and years ago. I really wish I'd bought...

An issue of Diabolik in Italy. There are issues at every service stop in Italy, and I always had a look while I was waiting for paninis to toast during a nine-day tour of the country. They were fascinating and crude and I promised myself I'd get one on the last day, and then we didn't go near a service stop or any decent store on that day, and I missed out.


Infinity Gauntlet #5 from the second comic shop I ever saw. I got that issue two months later, but my regret for not getting it that time was so strong, there is still a lingering taste. That's not right.


Every issue of 2000ad from late 1995 to early 2004. What was I thinking?


A big pile of Tomb of Dracula comics at a small second hand store in South Dunedin. I was really poor, but really wanted them, and by the time I made up my mind to go get them, some other bastard had got there first. Have since read those issues in the Essential collections, and they were pretty rubbish. But that’s not the point!


Those Hitman comics I saw going to $1 at Comics Compulsion in Christchurch, shortly after the series ended. I always thought they would be easy to find later, but it's one series I never see going cheaply. Ever.


2000ad prog 387 from an Ashburton dairy. I was eight, and wanted it so bad, but I wanted an ice cream more. Another one that took me years to get.


Did buy, but gave away three months later: Uncanny X-Men #138, the one after Dark Phoenix died. For somebody who knew nothing about the x-books, this was the primer to end all primers. Then I lent it to somebody and didn't ever get it back.