Sunday, September 27, 2009

17 questions on a Sunday afternoon

1. If the sun fucked them up in the first film, how come the infected could walk around in the daylight in 28 Weeks Later?

2. How come I never, ever get sick of Groo?

3. Or Lobo?

4. Was there ever a more loved person in comics than Archie Goodwin?

5. Do people really think variant comics are going to be worth something one day?

6. Did Grant Morrison just make up that shit about traveling from Kathmandu to Alpha Centauri?

7. Is willpower an emotion?

8. Where is Bob Harras?

9. Why was that guy standing in the corner at the end of the Blair Witch Project?

10. Why did Archie marry Veronica instead of Betty?

11. What was the first time Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were referred to as the Trinity?

12. When they made the Daredevil film, why didn’t they just adapt Miller and Romita Jnr’s Man Without Fear?

13. What happened to Grendel Prime after his last quest?

14. Why did it take me so bloody long to start watching Samurai Jack?

15. How come they keep all sending Batman’s crazy bad guys to the same crazyhouse instead of splitting them all up?

16. Has Jack Knight been seen since the last issue of Starman?

17. What’s it all about, Alfie?


Comics Bonfire said...

ever listen to an interview with aragones? the man has so much life and passion, i'd read anything he does.

i too wonder where grendel prime and bob harras are.

The Beast Must Die said...

The guy in the Blair Witch was stood in the corner because the witch told him to stand there while he killed Heather, as per the established backstory. Innit.

Zom said...

Is willpower an emotion?

How are you feeling? Oh, okay, quite willpower actually.

Geoff Johns is a writer, by the way. A wordsmith.

Bob Temuka said...

I forgot all the Blair Witch backstory, because I only saw that film once and it scared the living shit out of me about six hours after I finished watching it. It was one of those films that I watch quite happily, but something sticks in my head afterwards and won't go away. (Lars Von Trier's films are particularly good at this.)

All I remember about Blair Witch is the snot shot and the last five minutes, and that's NEVER going away.