Monday, June 1, 2009

Vomit #16: The baffling apathy of Kramers Ergot

“It’s baffling!” barked Eugene P. Spunkmeyer yesterday, when his precious hardback edition of the latest edition of Kramer's Ergot was returned to him. “It’s the greatest graphic novel of our age, but he just didn’t seem to care!”

Spunkmeyer, a comic fan for over twenty years, was recently asked by colleague Shane King for an interesting comic to read. After lending the book to King for a week, Spunkmeyer was shocked to learn that King thought ‘it wasn’t that good’.

“It’s a modern classic!” bleated Spunkmeyer, after being told of the apathy. “Taking graphic novelties to the next level, applying classical artistic and literary devices to aid the storytelling process and utilizing post-modern techniques in an unparalleled manner. How can you sneer at that?”

“Ah, it was all right,” admitted King, shortly before playing Grand Theft Auto 4 for six hours straight. “But to be perfectly frank, all I wanted to do was read some fucking ‘Spider-Man’.”

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