Monday, March 5, 2018

A month at the movies #5: Five Savage Men

Henry Silva spends this entire movie looking really confused about things. Either he's in character and can't figure out why he keeps trying to do the right thing when all these crazy fucking white people keep shooting at him, or he's just being Henry Silva and can't figure out why an actor of Sicilian and Spanish descent is playing a Native American.

Either way, he's got great hair.

He's not the main focus in this movie, also known as The Animals. It's a standard rape/revenge film, with Michele Carey being tormented by the five title scumbags in a disturbingly POV-heavy rape scene, before being nursed back to health by Silva's noble brave.

It takes a while for her to recover and get her strength back, but once she does, the movie doesn't fuck about with the revenge part. After a couple of lines of dialogue settling out where the bandits are all scattering to, she slaughters them without hesitation or mercy. There is no discussion of plans, or motives, or logistics, Michele just shows up out of the harsh desert and blows their bones away.

As it was in the wild west, so it is in Hollywood today. Don't mess with the ladies, or they'll blow your fucking balls off.

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