Sunday, November 22, 2020

No head for heights in the movies

I always thought I was good with heights, and was climbing trees and crumbling buildings since I started to walk. But I'm really not, after recently discovered that I can't handle any film with a scene where people face a threat from being at an extreme height. 

It's obvious when you watch something like a Mission Impossible film - when we were saw Ghost Protocol on a giant IMAX screen and Tom Cruise steps outside for some fresh air at the Burj Khalifa, every sphincter in that room shut up shop, and didn't open again until they had him back inside the room. But even in Men In Black 3, where Will Smith is standing on the edge of a tall building, I can barely stand to watch. The Hudsucker Proxy is my least favourite Coen Brothers film to watch, because the point of view shots when people are hurtling to their death truly make me want to hurl.

I live in a ground-floor flat and work on level three of a four-storey building. Unless I find an excellent pine tree to climb, that's as high as I'm going anymore. The movies have taught me that much.

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