Sunday, August 2, 2009


* Rugby is my game and the All Blacks are my team.

* But I’m not a child and I can accept that they won’t always win.

* Those games against France last month were bloody good. We both won one and lost one and there was blood in the rain, and that’s the way I like it.

* The first South African and Australian games of the Tri-Nations went as expected, and halftime of the second South African match is coming up on the TV as I write this. It could go either way.

* But it would fucking help if the All Blacks knew how to fucking throw a fucking line-out.

* If an interstellar alien appeared before me now, and asked me why there was both a rugby league and a rugby union, I’d be right stumped.

* I still support the Warriors, because they're my best mate's favourite team in the whole world.

* I never watch the All Black's haka anymore.

* Oh man, I wish they had a 20-year-old Christian Cullen or Jeff Wilson right now

* We will probably not win the Tri-Nations this year, because those South Africans are looking fucking sharp.

* This is a good thing. It’s a good time to lose. And I’m still gonna yell at the television. Especially when we can't throw a fucking lineout.

* We pretend we’re not, but we are all still pretty bitter about the Rugby World Cup thing.

* I support the Crusaders, but not the Canterbury provincial rugby team

* Bring back Buck.

* If I found the Infinity Gauntlet in that alley behind work and became Lord and Master of the Universe, where every whim I had became reality, the very first thing I would do is get rid of night rugby and make them play during the day. Like they’re supposed to.

* * *

Obligatory comics content: I got that Parker book by Darwyn Cooke yesterday and it's so pretty that when my wife accused me of wanting to take it home and make sweet, sweet love to it, I couldn't argue with her.

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