Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back in the corner of Secret Shame: Special rasslin' edition.

* When it comes to wrestling, I'm all about the late 1980s, because that's when I was the right age.

* I always, ALWAYS like the Macho Man Randy Savage, and it did my heart good to see him in the first Spider-Man film.

* The best wrestling match ever was the Ultimate Warrior versus the Honky Tonk Man.

* Big Daddy could kick Andre the Giant's butt.

* The best trick Andre ever had was falling into the ropes and crying 'BOOOOOHHHBBEEEE!' It was like watching a captured grizzly bear.

* When Hulk Hogan won Royal Rumble 1990, I was genuinely upset and totally spewing.

* I was also totally spewing when the Truth did an article that sneered at professional wrestling for being an act. For a 13-year-old, this was like being told that Santa Claus wasn't real.

* I still have an inordinately fond memory of sitting in a warm car on a cold morning, eating a hot pie and reading an official WWF magazine from cover to cover.

* The best off-line video games to play in a group of eight or more are wrestling games, because there is always something for someone to do.

* Especially if you're ripped off your tits.

* I used to be terrified of Dusty Rhodes and his giant man-tits.

* I was in Meteora in the north of Gress, sitting by a pool in the shadow of the glorious and impossibly balanced medieval monasteries when I heard about what happened to Chris Benoit and it utterly ruined it for me.

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