Saturday, December 23, 2023

Social media has left me behind this year

It's still a little bemusing to see a whole bunch of very serious think-pieces still predicting that our lives will be continue to be ruled by social media, because all the tech geeks behind the big companies are showing no sign of wanting to keep me around, and making it so easy to drift away..

Facebook's shit cartoons were some kind of tipping point for me, and I only check the thing every couple of days to see what my cousins are up to, and wading through the endless, worthless suggested posts shoved into the timeline is barely worth the effort.

Twitter is obviously fucked for very, very dumb reasons. I still check it regularly because it's still a fine source of breaking news developments, (although, once again, the company seems determined to sort that out with more AI nonsense that will drown the signal in noise) but the sheer number of posts on my feed has dropped by at least three quarters. 

Thanks to a vigorous and proactive block policy, and the blue tick being an automatic strike one on the arsehole detector, I find Twitter more usable than it's been in years, although I wouldn't actually post anything there unless you paid me. A like still costs nothing.

I've tried the BlueSky, and that just seemed to be full of the same smug pontificating about Mark Millar comics - a conversation that was cutting edge 20 years ago. I never fell for any social media platform that revolved around videos, (YouTube is a information resource and music video provider in my head, not social), so I don't really know what I'm missing there.

My Instagram page also got hacked and taken over and I had to start all over again, but I don't think I'll ever be putting anything personal up there any more. It's the hard lurk life for me.

Social media was always all about convenience, and it's so convenient to slide right off the pages, when they make it this easy. And you really do notice how much sweeter life tastes when you're not taking in so much bile. There are better things in life.

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