Friday, January 8, 2016

What is best in life? The lovely wife!

The lovely wife has been mentioned on this blog once or twice, and she remains eternally patient with my geek nature. She has her limits, but I wouldn't go that far either.

Yesterday, for my birthday, she bought me a star. An actual star - HIP 46569, in the constellation of Hydra. She got it from the Stardome and it’s mine.

Right Ascension 09h 30m 33s. Declination -23 degrees 25’ 03”. Distance 1672.6 light years.

When you and her and I and everybody we know are dust in the wind, that star will still shine down from the heavens for millions and millions of years to come.

I might be a total fuckin' nerd, but I'm a total romantic fuckin' nerd, and she gets me like no other.

Plus, she built this goddamned monstrosity!

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