Monday, May 20, 2019

Family Guy: There's more than one kind of comedy

Nobody ever seems to admit to watching Family Guy, because it's crude and tasteless and fucking stupid, and sometimes sends a baffling political message, but somehow the show stumbles on.

There is a lot to criticise about it, and the easiest one is that sometimes it's just pretty fucking lame, but one of the most boring slams of the show is that it's bad comedy anyway, because the cutaways and jokes are so random and don't add anything to the story, according to some very clever people who read an interview with the South Park guys once

I almost just want to watch every episode just to piss off these arsehole comedy snobs. As if there is only one way of making people laugh, and that slapstick and non sequitur gags aren't as worthy as story-based laffs, and that surreal gags that have no connection to reality or the sacred plot of a story are just not funny.

That condemns a fuck-ton of great comedy over the decades, so screw that shit. There's all sorts of funny, and anyone who gets judgemental on somebody's else dumbarse humour is no fun at all.

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