Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Hernandez brothers get super

In the early days of The Comics Journal - before the publishers started spitting on all things  mainstream - they would break up the text of their long, rambling and massively entertaining letter pages with spot illustrations of all sorts of classic heroes and villains.

It's an enormous amount of fun to go through them now and find sketches submitted by artists that would be huge names working on huge comics in just a few years, but the best were always those supplied by Los Bros Hernandez. They were only just starting out on their long and gorgeous comic careers, and filled up space in the Journal with unbearably charming pictures of Marvel and DC superheroes.

Those pictures will never get reprinted anywhere, and I've only got a handful of these old magazines, but I just have to share what I could find so far. Love and Rockets comics are the best comics, but these guys could do superheroes as good as anybody.

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