Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday venting

Dear thief,

I hope that when you stole those Promethea comic books from my letterbox the other week, you appreciated what you got.

It took an extraordinary amount of effort to get those comics, and I was greatly looking forward to finally reading the entire series in one go, only for the comics to disappear in the hour they were sitting in our building's mailroom.

I just hope you appreciate the esoteric and broad vision of Moore and Williams III, and the way these fine gentleman articulate the appeal of magic and it's impact on the physical and metaphysical worlds. I hope you dig the wordplay and occult games that litter the story and the depth and human feeling of a work that makes a grasp for the divine.

But I highly fuckin' doubt it. Choke on 'em, you cock.


P.S. You can stick that Robot Chicken DVD you also stole right up your arse too.


Anonymous said...

What a fucking wanker

Andrew Hickey said...

There's nothing worse than a thief who won't even appreciate what they've stolen. The people who stole my copy of Moore & Campbell's A Disease Of Language, or my Van Dyke Parks CDs, will get nothing from them... it's just shitty, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Damn, losing Promethea sucks, what a cock. But you're probably better off without the Robot Chicken (outside of lost money of course; that sucks too). I don't get why nerds seem to love that show; it trades in the most obvious humor, with just about every sketch being a variation on "wouldn't it be hilarious to see such and such childhood memory defiled by inserting "adult" sex and violence?" It's just like modern superhero comics, only "funny"! Also, the animation and voice acting are terrible. Fuck Seth Green, I say.

Bob Temuka said...

That sucks, Matthew. I still hold a small bit of hope that the Prometha comics might show up somewhere, as a full series is still reasonably rare around here. But I'm not holding my breath.

I've put an Alan Moore curse on the thief, so he should be getting $55 million this weekend. Then I'll be able to find him.

Matthew: Not so worried about the Robot Chicken, since it only cost me five bucks, but it still makes me laugh. When it comes to humour, my tastes are execrable. I also still like Ace Ventura, and Farrelley Brothers films and that Adam Sandler film where he keeps punching jerks in the face. Ha!

Unknown said...

That's cool, Bob. I used to argue with a friend all the time because he loves to watch stupid comedies (his term), and it would drive me crazy that he would be wasting his time with crap like Booty Call or White Chicks or American Pie sequels, when there was so much quality stuff out there. But who am I to tell someone what to enjoy? I think he (along with my wife, whose tastes in comedies aren't too different from his) eventually did convince me of the virtue of the stupid comedy, or maybe I just got less uptight as I got older.

Bob Temuka said...

I certainly went through a phase of hating those sorts of movies purely on an ideological basis, but then I pulled my head out of my arse and learned to like stuff without feeling the pressure to justify that enjoyment.

(Although I would never go as far as Booty Call or White Chicks. Everybody involved with those films should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.)

It's a bit like the 60s Batman show. Kids love it, then hate it when they get all teenage and serious, then love it again when they get older and more relaxed about that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I think it's rather more than okay to dislike something on an ideological basis, as long as the ideology behind the dislike is one worth adhering to. In fact I would go as far as to say that I dislike all kinds of things on ideological grounds. The Daily Mail, for example.

Bob Temuka said...

Yeah, but when my ideology as a 17-year-old was little more than "People shouldn't like stuff that sucks", I think it's safe to say I needed a good slapping.

Anonymous said...

It is true